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Thread: Three New Tracks From Youngblaze of Chicago

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    Three New Tracks From Youngblaze of Chicago

    Whats up everyone, I know some of you may have heard of Youngblaze from Chicago. Just wanted to give you all a heads up that there will be three new tracks released very soon. We'll be posting the first minute of each track on Youngblaze's Official Street Team/Fan Group on Facebook for free download, and a poll will be released - the song with the most votes will be released first for free download. Trust me when I say you guys won't be disappointed.

    The "snippets" will be released today! You'll get a good feel for each song.

    Music videos will soon follow. Feel free to join the group and get updated first by Youngblaze himself.

    Youngblaze Official Street Team

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    I had some questions about workin with Youngblaze, is there an email address I could contact you at?

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    I will send you a private message.

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