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Thread: OFWGKTA........

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    I think the shits dope...sure its differnt but so is Lynch.Just wondering wat everyone thinks about it.Ive heard alot of people taking shots at em.

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    Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them case u didnt know wat that shit stands for.

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    tylers alright others suck

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    That Earl Dude is pretty fuckin sick

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    seen some live shit of theres.... stage show is awesome, they come hella hard

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    Wasn't B.O.B taking shots at them?

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    ya look up no future its a whole response song to that one line. It's a sick song. I don't get why everyone is comparing them to BLH. There rap s are completely different s the only thing they have in common is they are both considered "horrorcore"

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Kenny Jr

    Wasn't B.O.B taking shots at them?

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    Odd Future is awesome. I like Tyler, The Creator's rapping , though I don't consider it horrorcore, more Acid Rap if anything. If you've seen any of their shows, shit gets crazy. Also, Earl, Hodgy Beats, and Frank Ocean are pretty good. Earl's been found, and he hates that "FREE EARL" shit that everyone says haha.

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    I was quite impressed with Tyler, the Creator's Yonkers song, but the rest of his songs on the album just didn't do it for me. Went in a completely different direction than I was expecting and just didn't like it very much. But I guess I didn't like his first album too much either so that's not too much of a stretch.

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    i dont think tyler the creator is very good at all.

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