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Thread: Tech N9ne "Something Else" Deluxe Edition Pre-Order **REQUEST**

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    Tech N9ne "Something Else" Deluxe Edition Pre-Order **REQUEST**

    Hey guys, this thread will be a place where us Strangers can submit your support for Strange Music to release the deluxe edition of "Something Else" as a pre-order option. If you are interested in having the Deluxe album and the Deluxe art work incorperated in whatever the T-Shirt Design is please share on this thread. If album is autographed it would look sick especially for us collectors if the signiture was on the Deluxe art work.

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    Im all in. The preorder will bs my first strange musi buy and ive been listening a while. Cant wait! Itd be amazing to have that artwork signed

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    I support doing deluxe versions for the pre-orders.

    That said, I only pre-order if the cover actually looks dope on a shirt. So far CHS & TMTYL are the only designs that look good on t-shirts, but that's just me

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    I prefer the Deluxe Edition for the preorder as well.

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    Would be great to have the Deluxe edition indluded.

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    I'm all for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex M

    I'm all for this.

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    They won't because best buy pays record labels money so they can release their deluxe albums. ITS BULLSHARK

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    +1 from me!

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    please do pre orders even if the shirt is the same i dont really care id just really rather pay a lil extra for the deluxe tracks and signed copy again im pretty drunk so i hope i make sense lol im kinda a alcoholic

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