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Thread: Earl Sweatshirt has been found...

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    Earl Sweatshirt has been found...

    So complex magazing found him last month in an all boys school for troubled teens in Samoa. Now there is an article on hip hop dx that say someone(i think it was new york times or something) got to interview him. He says that the he was not forced to go to the school and wants the "Free Earl" thing to go away cause he doesnt want crazy people tryin to attack his mom. I personally think Earl is the most talented talented member of Odd Future and am glad to see someone track him down so we at least know hes still alive. I am a little worried that after samoan military school he might grow into a responsible young man and decide he doesnt want to make vile and rediculous music with OF anymore and that would be a shame lol

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    Free Earl!

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