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Thread: Young Bleed Signed to Strange Music?

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    Young Bleed Signed to Strange Music?

    Is it True?

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    Y the fuck is there another post about this

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    yes young bleed is signed to strange i heard tech say it himself in an interview with hood illustrated theres 2 parts i dont remember which one it was in but listen and you will c

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    YES...its true love it or hate but either way get over it..his album is called preserv'd and its scheduled to come out in august..this is no sudden move bleed has been talkin this over with strange for atleast 6 months now..i have posted the link to the interview on here along with 30 other all that dont know who bleed is..u dont know he aint one of these snap dance rappers that u ppl listen to now a days..he is real he talks about the real..

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