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Thread: What Chart Position Will You Think All 6's and 7's will debute?

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    What Chart Position Will You Think All 6's and 7's will debute?

    Just curious cuz

    Killer Debuted at #12

    K.O.D charted at #14

    The Gates charted at #13

    All 6's and 7's??? (We needa Make sure tech goes Number1 lol)


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    He needs to at least make it to the Top 1o with this one lol

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    it'll debut at #9, of course

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    Senior Member DanaWade's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    maybe number 8 or 9 since this album has the most momentum

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    either 6th or 7th, moving up to 1 of course

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    I think top 10 is definitely possible. Depends what else is dropping that day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony
    it'll debut at #9, of course

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    It also depends what comes out that same week.

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    There's a lot of releases, but I still say Tech could easily end up in the top 10, thanks to some big name features.

    Keep in mind this list doesn't have everything.

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    lol he'll probably get top 3 or 4

    and that Wiki link with the releases made me LOL. Tech should get #1 on Rap/R&B if his competition is bs like Ja Rule and Bow Wow. and i doubt a compilation by Snoop will get over Tech too

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