Ok this started as a convo I had through my Facebook where I asked people what they felt was wrong with the music industry today. I went on a 4 comment long "editorial" type rant in which I used Strange as an example haha I'll post what I said and then I'd like to hear your opinions Strangers. (sorry for the "roughness" and grammar I typed all this within 10 minutes as I was thinking it haha)

<span>My thing is that while yes file sharing did definitely hurt the industry, an in many ways the unsigned/ indie artists, in many ways it also created opportunities. From a business standpoint no matter what indust...ry you are in you have to constantly watch your back for disruptive technologies ie vinyl/45's to 8-track to cassettes to Cd's and now Mp3. The major's were too busy collecting checks and not caring about the future and in turn it fucked them over majorly (pun intended haha).

<span>Unfortunately it screwed a lot of artists too. I think that they are adhering to a completely broken business model in the sense that they are worried about bitching about "stealing" songs and suing people vs adapting to the market. They ...still think that their product is albums or the music itself which as far as revenue is not the case anymore. I feel that they should start looking at the music almost like a marketing expense and start selling Artists(brands). People are already downloading shit for free and while Itunes has capitalized on monetizing Mp3's the industry once again was too busy crying fowl. Look at strange music why are they so successful and growing when Major's can't pay the bills? Merchandising and touring. They connect with their fan base by doing 200+ shows a year, they sell VIP meet and greets at shows and all kinds of shit.

<div id="id_4dd024b33af4b3718117808" ="text_exposed_root text_exposed"><span>They added a whole lot of value to their "product", which is not the music per se but it's THEM, the artists, the label etc. Instead of pressing millions of cd's prepping for a release they sold preorders with autographed copies, shirts an...d other stuff thereby giving fans incentive to prepay which in turn gives them a better estimate of demand so they don't waste money on printing cd's that just sit on shelves because an album flops. Now the majors are trying to follow suit but its too little too late. With the internet you can't take chances giving a guy millions up front for a deal and then it turns out he's not shit and sucks ass. People can hear shit for free on the web and then based off that determine if they want to buy a single, cd, tickets etc. I think we're witnessing a historic shift in power within the industry and I think ultimately the fans will win because they're going to get all kinds of added value instead of some shitty album that got sold by a hit single and a heavily produced video on MTV. I also think that while file sharing hurt the unknown's at first, now its starting to create HUGE opportunity to gain fame and success IE Bieber with youtube, and in the rap game a low budget mixtape for free on the net has launched how many guys careers lately. Maybe im crazy haha but thats just what I think.
<div id="id_4dd024b33b7820810135915" ="text_exposed_root text_exposed"><span>And I'd argue that the mainstream rap/pop industry has gotten hurt the most and other genres have still been semi-profitable because of dedication to touring. Rock and Metal have historically been "road warriors" with touring all throughou...t the year while if you go on ticketmaster right now and click on rap/hip hop youll be lucky to find 10 shows in the next 3 months in any given city. I think that big rap/pop artists are lazy as hell when it comes to touring and just want to make singles to drive abum sales and sit on their couch and collect checks. Sorry but thats not how it works anymore. Get out and see your fans and they will remain loyal. Tech n9ne has said he wans to be the hip hop president and in order to be the president you have to politic which is shaking hands and kissing babies. Thats why he and his label are rising to the top while others fall. Now finally after 10+ years of busting his ass with Strange they are finally getting notoriety. No one gave a shit about them before because they were some little indi label in KC and not Def Jam or Interscope. Well now that those places cant afford TP to wipe their ass with they are all looking going WTF is going on? How are they expanding and profiting and we aren't now.