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Thread: Eminem and Royde Da 5'9" - Bad Meets Evil Mixtape Link

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    Eminem and Royde Da 5'9" - Bad Meets Evil Mixtape Link

    Maybe someone posted this already buuuut i dont really care if they did haha

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    I don't trust it

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    well im listenin to it right now lol its got 14 tracks.

    heres the link to the site

    heres the tracklist
    <pre dir="ltr" ="alt2">1. Fast Lane </pre>
    <pre dir="ltr" ="alt2">2. Living Proof </pre>
    <pre dir="ltr" ="alt2">3. Tim Westwood Free (Feat. Mr. Porter) </pre>
    <pre dir="ltr" ="alt2">4. 2.0 Boys (Feat. Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, Crooked I & Yelawolf) </pre>
    <pre dir="ltr" ="alt2">5. Writer's Block </pre>
    <pre dir="ltr" ="alt2">6. Echo (Feat. Liv Rodrigues) </pre>
    <pre dir="ltr" ="alt2">7. Scary Movies </pre>
    <pre dir="ltr" ="alt2">8. The One </pre>
    <pre dir="ltr" ="alt2">9. Nuttin' To Do </pre>
    <pre dir="ltr" ="alt2">10. Bad Meets Evil </pre>
    <pre dir="ltr" ="alt2">11. What The Beat (Feat. Method Man & DJ Clue) </pre>
    <pre dir="ltr" ="alt2">12. Rock City </pre>
    <pre dir="ltr" ="alt2">13. Renegades (Feat. Jay-Z) (Unreleased Version) </pre>
    <pre dir="ltr" ="alt2">14. 12 Minute Free (ic)</pre>

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    its not the real one i dont think. couple of these songs are old. but this "leak" is all over the net right now

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    A lot of those songs are old as hell. What the beat was from like 03

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    This is just an unofficial mixtape someone has put together. The real EP is called "Hell: The Sequel" dropping sometime in June. "Bad Meets Evil" is duo consisting of Royce Da 5'9" and Eminem.

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