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Thread: itunes help

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    itunes help

    so my laptop had a hardware problem and the only way it could get fixed was to restore it. so everything on it got deleted. so my friend said if i sync my iphone with itunes that it will delete all the songs on my phone but a lot of the songs on my phone are albums i have so i can just import them again but about the few stuff i bought off itunes. is there any way i can get those songs back into itunes without downloading or buying them again?

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    dude itunes a bunch of fucks and you can only download purchased songs once and you supposedf to back them up or some shit i donno i called and bitch them out for an hour not shit happened and i bought like 30 albums over a few years on there

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    I've had the same problem, look up this free thing called sharepod, it was extract the music from your iPod and put it on your computer, I've had to do it multiple times.

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    Download a program that you can take songs off your ipod and put it on your cumputer. I think the one i used was called imtoo

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    when you plug in your phone it will say "itunes has found purchased songs on you phone that are not in your library. would you like to import these?". click yes and youre set

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    unless your trying to transfer stuff you bought on PC from Itunes thats on your iPhone it wont work that way if your trying to save those you will have to transfer stuff before syncing, otherwise once iphone is synced all that will go away

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