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Thread: Chamillionaire: Independent and crushing it. What do you guys think?

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    Chamillionaire: Independent and crushing it. What do you guys think?

    What up Strangerzzzzz,

    So, I personally think that Chamillionaire gets a bad wrap. People want to hate him for "Ridin' Dirty" and think that's all he's about. Couldn't be further from the truth. He is, in my opinion, one of the best lyricists in the game right now. He recently shelved his VENOM album and left Universal due to creative differences. He's saying he wants to do things his way, and will never again have some record executive push him to make a radio friendly song. He's basically saying FTI and keepin' it 100. His most recent mixtape, Major Pain, has been on my playlist for the last 2 weeks and I fucking love it. I put the datpiff link below. Check it out and let me know what you think. I would love to see Tech fuck w/ Cham on an FTI inspired, Independent track.

    Standout Tracks:







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    I think Cham is a lyrical beast. He has been busy too with playlist poison, major pain 1.5, and his new Mixtape Bad Azz FreeMixes.

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    ive been wanting to see a collab between these two for some time! that would be sooo dope!

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    Tech & Cham. INSANE!!!! Cham can spit fast too on top of his lyrics. He is definately one of the most underrated. Hopefully Tech ends up on the next Cham album. I mean Tech's on Paul Walls cd so perhaps they can get in contact.

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    Yes, yes, yes. Chamillionaire gets hate from the underground crowd because he's too mainstream. and hate from the mainstream crowd because he's too underground and just a one hit wonder. Like what the fuck? Guess that's what he gets for being an independent rapper. Major Pain 1.5 was an amazing mixtape, and just a few weeks after that he released the first half off the badazz freemixes which were just as good as MP. He's going to be putting out a ton of content this year to build his fan base back and hype up Playlist Poison.

    Chamillionaire is the greatest rapper out there, anyone sleeping on him because of "Ridin' Dirty" is plain stupid. Tech N9ne and Chamillionaire would absolutely KILL a track. I think it's possible we'll see them collab sometime soon, I don't know about Tech but I know that Cham keeps up on him. Tech would be the perfect fit for Playlist Poison, but i'm not gunna get my hopes up for that.

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    this is his best track ive heard in a long time

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    cham is up there on my top 10 rappers list, a cham and tech collab would be sick as fuck, cant wait for his next major album to drop whenever that is, i was looking foward to Venom but noooo, record label kept fuckin him over, glad he left universal, FTI!!!

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    You guys forgot about the intro....this shit is sick!!!

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    Ya i agree, when ya on is a great song

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