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Thread: Tech N9ne: I Want You For Myself (all6'sand7's)

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    Tech N9ne: I Want You For Myself (all6'sand7's)

    I don't know if anyone else caught this but I was surfin YouTube last night and found a new track from tech leaked, called "I want you for myself"
    This track is mad dope, it reminds me of a "killer" track...what do you guys think of it....(sorry I'm on my phone and can't copy an paste the link)

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    not from sixes and sevens. This from the Strange noize cd. This isn't new.

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    one of my favorites

    i love it

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    Man, you know it's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Do some research before you post stupid shit. It's already starting to get annoying on here with dumb threads everyday. Reminds you of a "killer" track? Hahahaha

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    not only is this the dumbest post ever, but the same exact one was posted last night, just not quite as fuckin dumb.

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    im tired of these new tech fans postin the same ole shit over and over again...and if ur gonna post dumb shit, at least have a funny profile pic 4 me 2 look at!!!

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    Yo my bad, I didn't mean to piss anyone off an shit I ain't a new tech fan but I also haven't heard everything he's done (strange noise cd obviously) I saw on YouTube and it had a pic of a6a7 cover and i never heard need to attack just fill me in that it ain't, thanks for fillin me in though

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    Just heard the sickest new tech track. Called Einstein

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    Holy shit I'm a playa is the dopest new song out there

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    Quote Originally Posted by G.K.paypa$tak$
    Holy shit I'm a playa is the dopest new song out there

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