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Thread: R.I.P to my lil technician Anthea

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    R.I.P to my lil technician Anthea

    To my Strange Music Family:

    Please say a little prayer for our youngest technician who was born and died on 06/05/11. Sadly my little girl was born without a heartbeat and although later resuscitated, I had to make the hardest decision of my life, which was to turn off her life support. Being deprived of oxygen meant that she had suffered incurable brain damage. I miss her so much and I'm hurting beyond belief.

    Although she only lived for a few hours, she loved tech. I have the sweetest memories of her kicking up a storm in my belly, ESPECIALLY when I had tech's music blasting in my car.

    Mummy will always miss you Anthea and you are forever in my heart. I'm so proud of the struggle you put up and you are an inspiration to me. I will always wonder what could have been sweetie :-( I hope we see each other one day again.<img ="align-center" width="750" src=""/>

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    my deepest condolonces ...

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    I'm so sorry for your loss, prayers go out for you and your family from me and my friends

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    I am so sorry for your loss but know deep down that you made the right choice. My wife has been an RN in the NICU of our local childrens' hospital for over 10 years and she gets so frustrated at the parents who allow their babies to suffer on life support when everyone knows that the baby has no chance. You made an unselfish, love motivated choice that is not only extremely difficult but heart breaking. You are a wonderful mother for that and I wish you the best in your emotional recovery.

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    Sorry for your loss...I have two little girls and I know it was probably the hardest decision to pull her off of life support...try to stay positive and remember the brief, good times you had with her.

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    MY Son Just Turned One and I really Can't imagine what you are going through. Keep your Head Up and think Positive is about all I can Say. Much Love to You and Your Fam.

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    sorry for your loss, keep your head up fam, you and yours r n my prayers, 1 love

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    I'm soo sorry for your loss! I cannot imagine what you are feeling now but you should know that you have a family of technicians who are here to support you.. You should be proud that she put up a fight and didn't just give up. I will definitely have your little angel in my prayers..

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    Sorry for your loss.... god bless the both of you

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    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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