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Thread: Tech vs twista

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    Tech vs twista

    All my fuckin friends say twista is better, faster, richer, and more popular than a good 99.99999% sure this is wrong but does anybody have a say?

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    Stop making so many threads and stop trolling.

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    lol bout time sumone said it

    Quote Originally Posted by Siikez
    Stop making so many threads and stop trolling.

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    Better - this is subjective. Faster - Possibily, but who cares? Richer - again, who cares. Popular - well yeah. Twista isn't on an independent label that he helped start though.

    Tech is better musically imo. His flows complement the music. Twista sounds the same most of the time.

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    Haha this might sound stupid but wat is troling..... Sorry

    Quote Originally Posted by Siikez
    Stop making so many threads and stop trolling.

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    Who gives a fuck. Twista might be fast but he lacks . Its always the same delivery. Tech switches it up constantly, no one fucks with him. As for richer, more popular, who cares?

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    I Love Twista, he's one of my favorites of all time.....But no, he is not on Tech's level. Faster? Yes, but not by alot, and Tech's clarity is better. But Tech's lyricism, flow(s), creativity, rhyme schemes, versatility, and the quality & quantity of Techs music is waaay better. Twista's music doesn't have a lot of substance....Tech's obviously does.

    More popular? Ummm that might be debatable now. And if he is, its because he's been on a major label for over a decade and gets radio & TV play.

    Richer? Seriously? Who the fuck knows or cares? But Tech aint poor, he's a millionaire too.

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    how about we all agree that both of them are great rappers. they are two of my favorites. (even tho tech is better lol)

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