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Thread: JL B.Hood offically signed with strange

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    JL B.Hood offically signed with strange

    I was at the Las Vegas show tonight and JL was there. He came out at the end with the entire strange crew for Ima Playa song and he had a strange chain on.

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    Im confused by this because the chain is a huge sign but the artist usually get it after we all know about them signing. Plus I read an interview JL just did saying things about him working hard and he's just makin music waiting for something to come of it. Im not sure he's signed. He says he will be in Las Vegas for the rest of the year so this signing just doesn't make sense right now. If he were signed he would probably not be saying he is staying in LV for 2013 he would be in Kansas City recording n such. Iunno I could be totally wrong, never know. Thx for the post though.

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    He could've just been wearing someones chain or find a spare on? LOL

    I really hope he is signed. He is a amazing artist.

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    No surprises here. We all knew it was coming.

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    i just hit up JL on twitter asking if he could clarify this for us

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    Could be wrong but ima say he isnt signed.

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    dat troll

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    lol that bastard

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