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Thread: hey tech n9ne

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    hey tech n9ne

    how did you get started in rappin like you do now, how did you rap so fast to in some of your songs like midwest choppers 2 on sickology 101?

    ive wanted to start free rapping but its kinda hard for me,
    could you give me some tips on how to free

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    well main, tech started rapping because he loved music so much and in school some one dare'd him to write his own little sometin sumtin and he came the next day wit his first free, (pretty sure it was a girl that dare'd him) but throu the years his became more of a fast pace, spoken word/beat boxin type a flow, wit big words an deep meaning.

    but yea lil buddie all you gotta do is start, even if you sentences don't make sense at first just try to get the timing and the rhyming soon you'll be able to flow, all you gotta do is have heart for it, a good mind, and the ability to time your breathe with music. but yea when i started it was really hard, and i hated every thing i wrote. but it takes a couple of years before you get your confident up, just don't give up and speak on what you know in your heart to be truth, one love.

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