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Thread: Download my entire album for FREE

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    Download my entire album for FREE

    Some of you may know me as the producer/engineer who worked with Tech from 2001-2010. My work can be heard from Anghellic to the Gates Mixed Plate. I recently completed a solo musical project entitled "Dreamer" that I am trying to spread around. It is up for FREE download at:

    The album is an experimental musical album using elements of "binaural" recording. Binaural recording, when listened back on headphones, enables the listener to perceive spatial and directional cues not able to be done with conventional recording. Below is a short bio I wrote for the album along with the cover. Kick back, hit some weed, and put on the headphones......good day

    When I was 6 years old, my best friend and I used to play with my parents' tape recorder. That's how it all started. That's how I got into recording. That's how I got into music. Music was my dream. I was going to be a rockstar, or so I thought. I became a recording engineer and the dream took a backseat to paying the bills and just trying to keep up.

    Years later I came to a realization. The happiest music ever made me was when I was young and did it just for fun, when it wasn't my job. I came up with a new dream. I wanted to make an album utilizing binaural recording combined with conventional recording. But I wanted to do it just for fun. And in the process of exploring this dream, my world changed and so did my priorities. I became a family man and a father, and now that is what brings me happiness.

    Welcome to Dreamer. This is my heart in music, and I did it just for fun and the joy of creation. It was never intended to be a commercial album or to be played on the radio. It was meant to be a way to find that part of myself I had lost so long ago. It was my adult version of playing with the tape recorder again.

    I am putting this up here for free download because I want to share it with people. If you like it, donate and help me make more music like this. If not, no harm no foul...I still had fun

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    Wow! This took me on a ride.

    I slipped on the headphones, closed my eyes, and turned it up.

    First of all, amazing production!

    I felt like I was living it at some points. Then it goes and switches up and gives me a feeling like I'm driving down the road listening to it. Then switches it up again and feels like I'm listening to a story. And switches once again to an almost omnipresent state. Maybe that's just me or maybe your intentions were for it to do that.

    Gave me a Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon vibe throughout the entire album.

    Great job! I will definitely be donating. I am a big fan of your work and hope to hear more!


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