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Thread: Tech and Busta on a song..

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    Tech and Busta on a song..

    Just them 2. they both spit 2 wicked ass versus. I doubt itll happen though.

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    Senior Member Justin916's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    I like worldwide choppers but hell ya I would prefer to have just the two of them goin back and forth

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    Or yelawolf.

    But i feel like tech and busta could create some creative ass shit. and yea wwc is raw.

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    I like how whenever Tech does a song with someone new and has multiple people on it...every one says, "Tech and so and so need to do a song where it's just them."

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    Thats true but Not alot of dudes can spit like Busta i just think it would be a crazy ass song if they wanted it to be. But i dont really care if they do or not just a thought they already got wwc.

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    Senior Member Bizzaro's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    They should both twp verses...then a third verse where they go back forth all it bustin techs

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    Expect Tech & Busta to do another song or songs together Busta is working on a new album and expect Busta being featured on a Collabo's album!

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    I honestly thing it wuld b sik to hear tech busta and R.A the Rugged Man on a alchemist beat......fuuuuuuck ya

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    yo... busta been doin his thing lately for real.

    hearing tech, busta and yelawolf on a track together is like instant wetness.

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    Nov 2009
    Ha ha for real. I'm a guy, and it made me wet. LOL

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