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    Ive been patiently awaiting this to see you again Hopefully every body and they grandma dont find out shyt I'll try to get down there early LOL

    P.S Im not sure if its true tech but this gyrl I know said you gave her a name and also paid for her tattoo "Jizznetty" Jeanette but yeah I dont like to run with the wind but shes sure of herself . Good Peeps

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    sold out the fillmore last time so get your tickets now, I paid 80 after it was sold out.

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    good luck with no one finding out lol. sold out last couple times I went.

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    denver is a fukkin party, n tech kills it everytime

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    Well im probally not going to be able to go to the show but he's going to be at independence records on July 1 Friday 11am-2pm for free so if errbody and they grandma aint there Im going

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