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Thread: Tech shoulda added a verse to this!! IRV DA PHENOM Ft KRIZZ KALIKO AND BROTHA LYNCH HUNG!! "NIGHTMARE"

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    Tech shoulda added a verse to this!! IRV DA PHENOM Ft KRIZZ KALIKO AND BROTHA LYNCH HUNG!! "NIGHTMARE"

    Offa irvs new cd #DBHHvol1 sick as fuck.
    I have 2 issues with this tho...
    1.What happened to the hopsin verse!!!??? i thot he said something about that on twitter.
    2.I cant wait for the un-tagged version of this mixtape to come out .dont like the dj talking over kali' at the first part. anybody know when thats coming out?

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    Senior Member Greg's Avatar
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    Maybe the same lineup did a different song with Hopsin..

    Please god let that be true

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    oh ya i can defenatly see hopsin on this beat

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    I think it was Irv who said it maybe someone else but I remember seein that hopsin wasnt goin to be on the track after all. They never really explained why though but I pretty sure this IS the song that he was supposed to be on.

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    i remember readin some were it was on hopsin why hopsin wasnt on the track an thats all irv knows

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    where can i find his mixtape?thanks

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    boogie man kind of sounds like Tech nice track!, proly on Irvs facebook

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