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Thread: "Get Out the Way" (Strange Shit) Check it out......

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    "Get Out the Way" (Strange Shit) Check it out......

    What's good? Not sure if i've ever posted any tracks on this site for ya'll to check out! This ones called "Get Out the Way" take a listen lemme know what ya'll thank, thanks.

    Ground Breaking Beats

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    it's good but it sounds like every other trap music beat! not bad keep up the good work!

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    I appreciate it... supply and demand my friend family's gotta eat. I'll post one with substance... lol.

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    Sick beat, nice work

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    I appreciate it good lookin out.

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    Sick shit bro.

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    WHAM BAM, good lookin! I'll be postin' some more soon I'll also be puttin one up for free.

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