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Thread: whats going on with tech and lil wayne??

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    whats going on with tech and lil wayne??

    okay so tech accepted lil wayne to be on the all 6's and 7's but why aint the song done yet i mean they had alot of time to do it and since all 6's and 7's is almost done and everyone listening to half of it where is the lil wayne and tech n9ne song i wanna know if it puts lil wayne to shame

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    jk, you fail

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole
    I was wondering the exact same thing!

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    dude you are a dumb ass where have you been under the rock thats under several other rocks

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    I hope you're not serious

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    im not im just sayin has any of you heard it yet? im sorry i aint been on update about this album

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    Umm...The song is done. It is on the album, which is also done. The album is out June 7th, 2011. Buy it, and then you'll hear the song.

    And only 4 songs are out off the album, not half.

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    my dude was downloadin 8 songs from this album off some weird ass united kingdom torrent thats why i said half

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    ^ No. No he wasn't.

    Worldwide Choppers

    He's a Mental Giant

    Mama Nem

    I Love Music

    The only songs from the album that are out. Unless you count F.A.N.S. which is the pre order bonus song.

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