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Thread: Tech N9nes guest appearances

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    Tech N9nes guest appearances

    yo. there are quite a few tracks on which Tech N9ne is featured that i can't find on the internet. i'm going to post the tracks that i'm missing, maybe the one or the other has some of these tracks or knows a source i could download it from and links me to it. i'm really trying hard to get pretty much every single part Tech N9ne ever recordet. thanks in advance, technicians!

    who wride - U Owe Me 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians - Husslin' Zone (Deadication) micah - Attention All Haters various artists - All Day All Night Heavyweights - Hard To Make Yo Mail Heavyweights - Tech N9ne & Lil' Kim (Skit) midwest m.a.f.i.a. - Filthy 50's various artists - Critical Mouthpieces various artists - Life Incognito mr stinky - Death Time Soon Near mr stinky - We No Beg Fren mr stinky - Smokin' On G's various artists - Biank Zone big zeke - Don't Hate On Me kon-tra-ban - Shit Ain't Sweet mike d. chill - Midwest Connection the doe boyz - Gangsta Party twiztid - Serial Killa project: deadmen - Access Denied skatterman - Lapdance skatterman - Mafioso skatterman - Pakman various artists - Super Villians x dash - grin on my grill mcfee - game over travis barker - raw shit e-40 - fried short dawg the native - road warrior short dawg the native - watcha wanna do mims - rock n rollin t trash - my problems kredulous - wild (slantize remix) j win - look at me grave plott - intro (skit) grave plott - snap BG Bulletwound - whatz ya name R.I.A. - fight critical bill - drinking game skit critical bill - premium critical bill - wtf skit R.O.B. - Rag Lucci - kansas city Mac Moore - shout out (interlude) Insane Clown Posse - the witch (remix) Killa C - intro Grant Rice - high sidin Bigg Ben - rhyme Bigg Ben - rhyme (remix) Agginy - intro ROC - no mercy Kottonmouth Kings - fti 2 (let em know remix) J-Flo - sick sick em insane clown posse - Thug Pit (Remix) insane clown posse - madhouse e-skool - slow motion

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    is really nobody able to help me? ;/

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    more than half of these are on youtube.

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    alot of this stuff is on youtube i might have some of these songs i have a nicer big colletion of tech n9ne

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    so, zack, could you send me the tracks you got of my list, please?

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    U Owe Me by Who Wride ain't even a song, am I right? and on "57th Street Rogue Dog Villians - Husslin' Zone (Deadication)" I can't find Techs part?

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    Here's Raw Shit. Do you have the song by T.T and twist ft. tech?

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    this. Youtube converter or if you have Mozilla just get the add-on/

    Quote Originally Posted by T9 Experience

    more than half of these are on youtube.

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    You forgot "Armed Criminal Action" with Mr.stinky.

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    thanks jason. yea, i do have that song.

    actually alot of the songs in my list is on youtube. well, a year ago they wasn't, thats why i wrote em down to search for them some other time again, hehe.

    and Shane, "armed criminal action" is no song I am missing, that's probably the reason why it's not in the list ;D. the list contains only songs I do NOT have yet

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