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Thread: Summer Jam 4

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    Summer Jam 4

    Hot 103.3 jamz summer jam 4 should be announced sometime soon. Anyone know anything about it? I have seen two different things so far.

    First is that you can find tickets online for a concert called "summer jam" which is June 24th at the Beaumont Club but there is no information on who is performing and tech is also performing in a different state on his 6's and 7's.

    Secondly I think it might be somewhere between June 3rd and 7th because tech always performs at summer jam and he has a show the 3rd at the midland and then doesn't perform again till the 7th.


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    i hope its around the 20th, to 25th anywhere around from south dakota and my neices bday is around that time and i would like to take her for her bday, goddamn i pry have the closest aged neice ive heard im 19 and she's turning 16

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    i think due to KANROCKSAS there wont be a summer jam this year

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