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Thread: Special Tech songs.

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    Special Tech songs.

    What's happenin everyone, There are a couple Tech songs that are special to me cause they remind me of a certain time in life or have got me out of a rutt. I want to know what Tech songs are special to all u, and why?

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    One good time is a great song.... you can ease so much pain listening to it i'd say it's one of tech's most special songs very relaxing song! LEAVE ME ALONE is another song when some one bothers me or just pushes it i wanna tell em just leave me alone stay far away from me...

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    Yeah, One Good Time and Leave Me Alone are great. I'd also say Far Away because I have the same kind of existentialist type of thinking that Tech displays in his verse, so I really feel what he's saying. Red Nose also. I've always felt out of place and sort of an underdog. My favorite part is when he says, We checked a mill, Yes it's real.
    Through Strange, I don't need your major label record deal. The feeling of that is great. It's just like, fuck you, I could do shit my own way. Suicidal Thoughts/Happy Ending/Low- All good when I'm feeling depressed. The Beast/Hunterish- talking about sex is not an original topic, but in these songs especially, Tech shows an animalistic underlying layer to humanity that is always there. So basically stale topic, but different take on it and fresh execution.

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    There's a lot of Tech songs that are special to me in some way,and/or remind me of a certain time in life but heres a few..

    Twisted ft.Roger Troutman(R.I.P)

    This Ring

    Trapped In A Psycho's Body

    Constantly Dirty ft. 57th Street Rouge Dog Villians

    Come Gangsta

    My World ft. Brotha Lynch Hung & Dalima

    The Rain ft. Alyia Yates & Reign Yates

    Little Pills(Kabosh)

    Girl Crazy

    The P.A.S.E.O.

    One Good Time


    Far Away

    Red Nose

    Blackened The Sun


    Leave Me Alone

    Pain Killers

    Last Sad Song

    Trippin' Comin'


    Mama Nem

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    Too many to name.

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    Ya some of mine are; one good time, can't shake it, last words, suicide letter, this ring, happy ending, trapped in a psycho's body, constantly dirty, low, red nose, last sad song, the P.A.S.A.O, dysfunctional, leave me alone, need more angels, sometimes, turn, in my head, God complex, this life, I'll pass, sacrifice.

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    The tech songs that come into my head right now that have helped me through hard times are One good time, the rain, leave me alone, girl crazy, psycho bitch 2, happy ending, running out of time, losing my mind, welcome to my world, it was an accident, lets go, everybody move, paint a dark picture adn leave me alone.

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    The main one that resonates with me is Little Pills, the first couple verses perfectly reflect the sentiments of things I've been struggling with.

    Also Last Words, especially the hook.

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