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    About Mama Nem...

    Yo, don't no one come on here and say I'm ridin techs dick for this but I just wanted to say "thank you tech" that track kinda put me back in my place, I have been goin through hell recently with everything piling up in my life and when I stopped and listened to this track at like 1oClock this morning I remembered what's really important in life
    Anyway just wanted to spread this joy I felt listenin to that track, tech keep rockin it, everyone else much love and happiness to u, damn I love my family now I gotta get changed I got lunch with my mama feel the love everyone

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    how is this a rumor?

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    Eh sorry I didn't change the catergorie...oops

    Quote Originally Posted by quinn gardna
    how is this a rumor?

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    I feel what your sayin fam, techs music has got me over some serious troubles in life to. Saved my life once if u can feel that. But ya bro what u said, that's real shit I don't think anyone is gonna bitch about u sayin that. And if they do they deserve a big fuck you lol. Keep on keepin on man.

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    Good post man. I love reading stuff like that. We all need a reality check sometimes. And techs music often times helps w that. Much love to all the Mams out there.

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    I feel you Im in I'm in love with this song best song so far off the album. I got chills listening to it. And again thank you Tech I love every song you have put out from this album especially this one deff one of my favorite songs

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    Much love to everyone who feels this stuff like i do!! It's cool as hell to know that this effects us like this, and this is for tech, I know u know that u effect people in such a positive way but take it from me and everyone who responded to this, u have made a huge impact! I love ur music n9na keep it up

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