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Thread: Mama Nem Music Video Premier

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    Mama Nem Music Video Premier

    Tech's back with another Soul felt Single entitled "Mama Nem" dedicated to his mother. Just in time for mothers day.

    More Music Videos

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    good shit

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    hell fuckin yes!!!

  5. #5 i love this song...words rhyme and i feel you one no how techs mom is...send the best wishes to you tech...i pray for your mama man...

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    Yeah this song & vid is dope. Good shit Tech!

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    Thanks its a good song just in time 4 mama day

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    Not really considering it starts out when he was a really young boy, and progresses to a young man. All while Tech is sitting reminiscing about it all. Dope video, great tribute to not only his mom..but his family as a whole.

    Quote Originally Posted by twizzy1

    video is cool...but if you watch the first min you saw the entire video. its just the same thing over and over pretty much.

    but its a dope song. cool vid

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    Just have to echo others here. This is fucking great. I almost teared up. Hope she's doing well.

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