i'm missing a half a sentance and a couple words might be off but i tried!!

"Tech N9ne - "He's a Mental Giant!"


<he's a mental giant>

That's what they say

<he's a mental giant>

2 those whom may say


Hey! Hey!

<Verse 1>

Hey!, I'm Lookin' Down on you Niggaz.

Even Though I'm 5'8" & 195 Pound on you Niggaz.

So Tall I Can't Even Hear any of the Sound you Deliver.

Me and My Partners Never See Any Of The Hateful Frowning you give us.


Cuz' we smile at the bitty braggin' wack rapper's

Who happen to be the best at the Gat Master

But down to the simple fact here's a strap past ya ta blast at ya

That after, the gat put him in the casket, last chapta, that's laughter

??? ???? ??? ??? ????? imagine A Black Dracula

Smashin' em with a gat to bust atcha.

It went to my head as my first time

To be cocky, I'm just a giant when I burst ryme

My leg is humongous, Is ya'll's verse mine?

Step on the Mic I can't stop my leg like Robert Cline

Giant robot make u feel very Low shaint

I am so hot in my skills there be pro paint

Why I'm gonna squash em' and kill every poor thang?

Cuz I'm a <hugh> ..pillberry dough man.



<Verse 2>

Narsasistic, hard to grip it,

dark and wicked, arts prolific,

Mars with the stars, this is far lifted,

lyrics quit the bar with it, Bar scriptures are terrific

Getta spitta witta bitta bitter marketing' wit Sqrilla with a fifth of henny liquor, thoughts are twisted

Critiq's sit and shiva in the slit of zilla's pit of killas grittas hittas clickas silly niggaz are fictisious

On top of the game, im droppin the rain, Godly Gifted.

Hop in yo lane and stomp on your fame, Bark is Viscious

You got bars to witness, ya'll submissive

when I getcho brain, your thoughts are shifted.

Im incredible, highly technical nympho Triumph, raw intricate

I need medical then more science, scar's n stitches

Alphabetical gems blow by him, pause it a bit.

Tech n9ne a mental giant!



<Verse 3>

Mentally I'm like shaq on stilts

Strange music inc is white n black n built

for keeping' rap on tilt

Like drinkin' pathrone and jack prone then yack on silk quilts

Gotta fat dome That'll last long if that's where I'm skill't

Giant, huge, humungous, gigantic, expanded

Been floatin' for years and I ain't landed

Haters can't stand it the way that my noggin as big as Kansas

But the women that listnin' wanna know if I be talkin' bout my damn dick.