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Thread: Add to the Verse?

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    Add to the Verse?

    How would you add to the "story" of this verse since now he's dropped The Gates Mixed Plate, Bad Season, Seepage, and next All 6's & 7's?

    When I did "Anghellic" I was good and bad, straight confused Then an angel turned to Devil Boy when the Reperation blew Them demons had "Absolute Power" when I drug abused So the angels searched for the "Vintage Tech" what they found was the love was through Then an accident would happen that made life look necessary So now receiving God, the angel was 'Everready' But the 'Melancholy' strikes, the eleven angels mommy's life So the 'Mizery' sat in the angels now becoming ice As mom got ill and iller, when it hurts her he can feel her To the strain of the pain made him vein there's no more angels straight up KILLER! My apologies, it's not very God of me, to go crazy and try to teach the whole world 'Sickology' I was then split in two, back to the beginning view Angel demon cause the killer showed me death was overdue But I gotta live for my kids, all the evil stuff I did Taught me to teach you, you can love them no matter how much sluts you did Or done, you met my demon back when I had that grudge But I gotta let you know most of my spirit comes from up above I'm mostly angel, and you know sometimes we fall Living under God and I hope he's listening when I say I love you all!

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    nice thread, but im not a very impresive writer so ill leave it someone else lol

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    Still no ideas?

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