busta rhymes worldwide choppers verse see now they asking when ima stop it my dude n when ima cock it n pop it n when ima drop it my dude inevitably is that ima be the most incredible dude that ever spit on a record n put it together my dude and then they ask what in the world is you prooving were when you were already the best and what the hell is he doing well ima be chopping n cuttin n breaking n beatin n shaking n fuckin everything up till it aint no further mistaking n busting everythang up like a fuckin angry jamaican n shuttin everythang especially the ones who be hating n they loving everythang until i gotta studder and stupid you hear it now d-d-d-dont d-d-d-do it p-p-p-please wh-wh-woa-why you gotta t-t-try so w-we already that you be the nicest n now ima come and kill em get em hit em and finish em n bang em in the head n diminish em n then ill hit em n giving em a minimum then he be coming to killing em really gotta be drilling em thinking they gotta be feeling em spitting lethium see the way a nigga be spilling em n gettin em stupid to the point wheres theres no forgiving em hoping ya listening and ya paying attention n ya witnessing the way that i be crushin in the mic n getting in the zone n be flating n packing the people from the front to the back n they got me acting a fool n blackin a nigga n now ima.. gone