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Thread: Ces Cru Discography

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    Ces Cru Discography

    I've been collecting Ces Cru's whole discography right now I have:

    Capture Enemy Soldier

    Ces Cru Remixes

    Cesphiles Mixtape: Iron Giant

    The Playground


    Constant Energy Struggles

    Deevil + Matter Don't Money

    Does anyone have anything I dont have? I really want to collect everything by them. Please send me any links you have for any of their old work or msg me

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    I think that's all of them.

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    That's all of them, don't forget about the Rap Boy Free they released on video this year, it can easily be made into a single

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    oh I almost forgot but Ubi released his Backstreet Free video as well

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    whats Ces Cru Remixes?

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    Its 2 songs that are pretty old and this guy did remixes to them. Its on itunes

    Quote Originally Posted by Fonz

    whats Ces Cru Remixes?

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    Yeah i got that i was hoping someone had any of their demo tapes from 2001 or older

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Ejdowski

    oh I almost forgot but Ubi released his Backstreet Free video as well

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    The music for "Ghost" is out there.

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    Yup, there was "Ghost" project, probably their first CD

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