ok i know some of you will have some bullshit to say about this being too mainstream or what have you but fuck it! it is what it is and like it or no, our once underground giant is now being recognized as a beast in the game when all of us knew that already. we are like " yeah we said that 10 years ago"

being the machine that strange is and its movinglike a runnaway train not stopping for anyone and picking up who ever is able to catch it along the way, here is where it gets commercial, i say that strange have its own cypher at the next BET hip hop awards. just to smash everyone and let the rest of the world know what strange is doing (if they don't know by now where have you been) i thinks it's only fair being that they are the only ones putting out good music right now, and if you ask me its long over due.

just a thought....and if they dont which we all know they wont.....then let them spit this world wide choppers and shut it down with that.

now if that happens then maybe i'll watch it this year.