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Thread: Wow Shade 45

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    Wow Shade 45

    Lmao, I sounded corny as hell, but I was excited to talk to Tech. So rofl, I got on there and started sayin "Yeah, can't wait for you to come to tampa, your shows are fuckin sick, been listening since Everready, gettin VIP tix to Tampa and going to Orlando .. yadda yadda" and the guy from Shade 45 hung up on me and said "Damn he tryina get hooked up!"

    I was like wtf?

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    Senior Member mattmeyer's Avatar
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    hahah i heard you

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    Me too lmao

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    Yea rofl. I was gonna say some more inspirational shit, but fuck. lol.

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    Fuckin newb probably didn't know Tech offers VIP..

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    i woulda started yelling STRAANGEE!!!!

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    Yeah that's what I thought too "VIP like he tryina go backstage at a Tech show? NAW WAY." *click*

    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby Bernstein
    Fuckin newb probably didn't know Tech offers VIP..

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    What a dick!

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    yea i heard u on there too bro. fuck that guy he probably never even heard everready. he just bout to be on techs dick like the rest of the world who slept on him for 10 fuckin years.

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    lmfao i bet tech was like "WTF?" too haha

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