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Thread: Big Scoob Damn Fool

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    Big Scoob Damn Fool

    Good album IMO. What do you all think of it.

    Ps: and tech putting out new songs from all 6's and 7's today is a great idea. Now more people will be visiting his sight today and there see's big scoobs shit right on the front page.

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    idk. honestly i was really looking forward to it after watching damnfooltv and just him talking about it i thought it would be really tight. plus the verses he had on asshole, in my dreams, walk with me...etc i mean he was sounding really good. the songs have bass which was expected. but some of the stuff is just weird like dead a man. i thought damu would be tight but didn't like the voice used for the chorus. however, the more i listen to it i think it's a good album. i was listening to two fat fucks while driving home and started laughing. so i think most of the songs fit the title Damn Fool. it's just hearing bitch that many times in a song i have to make sure i'm not listening to lil b

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