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Thread: Why no Big Scoob Love

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    May 2009

    Why no Big Scoob Love

    The new big scoob cd for us gangster rap likers is amazing cant wait to bump it at my bbq's....just realized though when brother lynch came out eveyone on here talkin bout it...what does everyone think of the new cd?

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    Senior Member mikern3821's Avatar
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    WWC>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>anything on Damn Fool

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    aye bro...i dnt hav scoobz album how bout u send it tuh me

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    cuz people are stupid, album is savage as fuck.

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    go buy it fag

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    i agree, wwc is dope but today is scoobs day to shine, i got damn fool n im lovin it, kinda the same as monsterific for me i like almost all of it a couple songs are ehhh but only listened through it a couple time still fire good shit scoob

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    Despite you using the word "likers" I will say I have to agree with you to a certain extent. I'll be doing my own in depth review later on tonight after I finish listening to the entire cut. What I've heard so far is great, hopefully it continues on in this fashion.

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    Went and picked it up today...I like it for the most part a step up from monsterifik imo

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    havent been able to pick it up yet hopefully today or tomorrow, cant wait to hear it all, all i kno is hood is off the chain and if it is anything like monsterifik ima love it

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    Mine has not arrived in the mail yet. But from what ive heard (listened to some leaked songs on You Tube) i like it. Im stoked for the album. Hopefully it arrives today!!!

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