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Thread: New All 6s And 7s Single to be released on May 3rd

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    New All 6s And 7s Single to be released on May 3rd

    Got it straight from techs facebook. It will be via ustream

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    Yall know I love Tech & Scoob for doing this. My birthday is may 4th and hes releasing a song right before it, and Scoobs releasing his album. This is gonna be a great Bday for me. Also on his FB I asked he should release a new song from 6's & 7's on my Bday, but he did it a day before... I'm so fucking excited to hear this song.

    Quote Originally Posted by twizzy1

    i cant wait for a new tech song.

    but putting it out the same day as big scoobs album is kind of a dick head move i think.

    its scoobs day to shine.

    tech should release it tonight.

    and put the video out on like the 4th

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    My birthday is on the 5th! They gave us a present without even knowing it. I jus hope it has ALL the features, not just the big names. and we can download the track.

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    tech should at least give a shout out about scoobs album or somethin.. on ustream. its his day.

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