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Thread: ironic yet beautiful moment in hip hop...

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    ironic yet beautiful moment in hip hop...

    So its 5 i am drunk and for some reason still awake but I decided to watch the 1st edition of BEEF on netflix for like the 100th time. For those who never seen it Tech N9ne is in it but only for a bunch of brief little interview segments Hence the track beef which was made for the movie soundtrack back in the day. Anyway I was just in awe of one of the most ironic/beautiful moments in hip hop history when you got tupac rockin the same stage with puff daddy(before diddy) and Notorious B.I.G givin each other love. I know its long ago and shit most you kids on this site(givin that recent age check thread) probably dont really remember the shit that well or at all but I just think it goes to show what a shame the whole mess became if they could have kept shit all good we might still have what many consider the two best mc's of all time. This shit makes me glad to see things like a 57stRDV Blood like Tech N9ne Sign and work with a 24thStGarden Blocc Crip like Lynch

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    The soundtrack for that movie was an Official Strange release and included a video made by Strange for KRS-1 and this little japanese rapper Chick.

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