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Thread: How many people have you seen in concert?

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    How many people have you seen in concert?


    and is there any upcoming shows your going too?..

    I'm going to techs tour on may 29.

    im gonna see Curren$y on the 15.. might go see him on the 8th too.

    And Kid Cudi on june 15th.

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    honestly, more then i can remember, im 29, im an old ass man, so i have been to plenty, for example i have been to the "Big Day Out' here in sydney 12 years in a row, seeing atleast 20 acts at each plus an uncountable amount of side shows.

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    Its not rap, but I've been to a Whitechapel and Oceano concert and I'm going to an Amon Amarth concert this Sunday. Thats basically all the major ones I've seen live, besides some local bands and shit. Hoping to go to my first Tech concert on July 27th in Atlanta though.

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    Senior Member Blizzum's Avatar
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    Every one in strange ive seen...

    Krizz by him self...

    Hed PE


    and im going to the tour when it stops in denver

    But then kid cudi comes tho this rave/dance music fest.

    and i hate rave tecno music but i am not missing out on a chance to see Cudder live. so yeah kid cudi and sam adams gunna be there...

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    Seen Ozzfest 07 Projekt Revolution 07. Seether in 06, Rockstar Mayhem Fest 09 and this year. Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns tour. Just got back from Ufest in Mesa on Saturday. (Papa Roach, Powerman 5000, All That Remains etc...) Music as a Weapon 4 and 5. Twiztid. This is going to be the 5th straigh Tech show. A Perfect Circle in July, Mushroomhead in June I believe. And I am trying to go to Deftones this summer as well. Most of those were festivals so I saw alot of the heier bands more than once. Like Suicide Silence, Hatebreed. Killswitch 3 times.

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    Idk how many ive seen its well over 100. The show im looking forward to next month. A7x stone sour 3 days grace seether. And 12 more bands will be there.

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    I've seen Tech 6 times on Strictly Strange, Sickology, K.O.D., NXNW, Strange Days, and Independent Grind. Seen Linkin Park twice on Projekt Revolution 04 and A Thousand Suns. Also Korn, The Used, Snoop, Blink 182, Weezer, Mistah F.A.B., Zion I, Cognito, Equipto, Keak Da Sneak, San Quinn. Probably some others i dont remember.

    Upcoming is Linkin Park at the BFD festival and Tech for All 6s and 7s. Im pissed though, cuz Cudi and Tech are playing the same night in SF, and I hella wanna see Cudi but I feel like I have to go to the Tech concert.

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    Tech 4 times, soon to be 5. Twista and then black p and liquid assassin multiple times

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    I saw tech at the house of blues back in 04 or 05 and his shows are fucking sicc!! I've seen snoop a couple times which was alright. saw cube last summer and he played his more recent(wack) shit, but he threw in a few cuts from death certificate and lethal injection which was dope, and i've seen murs, common, and mos def hella times at random places that I had no idea they were gonna be at lol, they all rocked it except mos def is always TOO fucked up on that cali kush whenever he's out here and slurrs most of his lyrics and laughs a shit load on stage...

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    Ok so my first concert I went to was monster jam in boston I saw Luda, fabolous, g unit, chingy, Obie trice and lil Jon, Ive also seen Train, Fuel, Elton John, The Who, The Eagles, Kanye West's glow in the dark tour with Kanye, Rihanna, Lupe and Nerd, I've seen kiss concert with Rihanna, Daughtry, Akon, Gym Heroes and what not I saw ICP, AMB, ABK back in December, I saw some American
    Idol tour. I was supposed to see Tech live last year at the decade if strange tour I bought a ticket and everything but wasn't able to go cause I didn't have a ride, and I'm going to the Tech concert on July 21 in Worcester ma

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