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Thread: VA Has no lovee for tech lol

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    VA Has no lovee for tech lol

    Alot of people think he is a "drug rapper" or they think he puts on a front just to be famous and diffirent. Im pretty sure he is sober now and its not like he has alot of songs about drugs. Everyone likes waka and shit. Oh and by the way Fuck you Democrats oh and as for you republicans FUCK YOU TO!

    ROn Paul!!!

    Lets get highhh Bitchh!

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    WTF VA is fucking WEIRD anyway....STATE TROOPERS are wack as fuck too...and THEY PAY TAXES FOR SHIT THEY ALREADY OWN....greedy fucks

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    shit im from VA and rep strange all day and night

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    yes lets get high

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    Thats funny cause CLIPSE is from VA rep it hard and I dont think they are even capable of making a song thats not about sellin cocaine. So it strikes me a little weird that people there would label tech "drug" music and use that as a reason not to like him but then the biggest rappers out of the area are easily the perfect example of "drug music" whatever that means....

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