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Thread: Soul Khan **Real Artist**

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    Soul Khan **Real Artist**

    With this rapid expansion of the Strange Music roster I was thinking that getting a nice East Coast rapper would be a great idea. I could think of none better that fit the unpredictable mold of SM than Soul Khan. If you haven't heard this dude yet you should check out his site at . He also has many battle raps on Grindtime, URL, and youtube in general that serve as promotion. So dont judge him based on those although they are hilarious, give his free album Soul Like Khan a listen and let me know what you think.

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    He's dope. I downloaded his free album "soul like khan"

    He's also my favorite battle rapper right now.

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    Well I said nothing about anyone on the label being strange. The language was unpredictable, meaning these artists dont fit mainstream stereotypes generally. Also, if you think he has no skill outside of battle its clear that you havent actively listened to his album or any of his frees. Most battle rappers cant make the transition but Soul recognizes that battling is just a poster to showcase creativity. And Joell Ortiz is one of those been there done that rappers that I believe is in Slaughterhouse and is signed to Shady although I may be mistaken. Give the dude a real listen and he would be an asset to the strange team.

    Quote Originally Posted by twizzy1
    soul khan is dope. but his skill is mostly in battling.

    if tech signs someone from the east coast it needs to be joell ortiz.

    tech needs some raw lyrical tallent.

    and just cuz the lable is called strange music doesnt mean everyone on the lable has to be strange.

    look at jay rock and steivie stone

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    no. no. no.

    soul khan is not even that good of a battler cuz he has battled nobody good!!!!!

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    The battling is irrelevant, its just a theoretical commercial. Im trying to get this guy some exposure because he has legit MC skills. Secondly, with the internet its easy to compare battle rappers even if they do not battle each other and he is a above average battle MC. But again the music speaks for itself.

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    not really if you dont battle anybody good of course youre gonna look better by comparison

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    Again the battling is secondary but I would be interested in knowing who you think is a "good" battler and why? Soul Khan for strange!

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