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Thread: Vote For SHok in the DFUOB contest!

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    Vote For SHok in the DFUOB contest!

    I took down the last discussion due to an insane amount of hate. I guess i was thinkin irrationally that if i was an asshole like alot of others on this site that it would attract a lot of attention. Were just tryna get noticed man. So check out the video if you like, please vote

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    lol ur an idiot. u make a new discussion with the same mistake.

    "I drive around in my pontiac, you drive a lambo but its running shit. you got a condo around your wrist, you need to save your money, stop spending it."

    I'm sorry but a lambo is going to drive better then a pontiac. I really hope i just mis-heard what was said. but it doesnt matter who the fucks in it, the lambo>pontiac always. also, if someone puts a couple hundred grand around their wrist they are either rich as fuck or making payments on that thing. plus, if someone likes that shit and they can afford it, then they will buy it. rather then preaching on how to spend money, shoulda said that flashing money is played out or something like that. but even then. its been done.

    As i said in your last discussion. i dont vote for anyone in this particular contest. if i did, it wouldnt be this one. even if you weren't calling people out in the discussions.

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