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Thread: New merch on the site..

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    New merch on the site..

    Ok so any one who went to the Strange Noize tour noticed that Kutt and Kali have some new merch. Wondering when they're gonna throw them up on the online site cause a lot of the shit they had was sick. I ended up gettin a new Kutt shirt that I think is pretty sick. Kali has some sick new merch as well. Badass hoodie with a massive spider logo on the front. Here's a picture of the shirt I got. The Snake and Bat on the back is hella big, which I like.

    <img ="align-full" src="" width="288"/>

    <img ="align-full" src="" width="360"/>

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    Cross eyed joe told me that whatever didnt sell out on the tour would go online n once its gone its not comin back cuz like 85% at least of that merch was made only for that tour

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