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Thread: Big Bad Wolf (Remix)

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    Big Bad Wolf (Remix)


    I just finished the Remix of Big Bad Wolf. I added a sinister piano melody to capture the theme of the song. It's already my third Tech N9ne remix and I still got more coming so stay tuned.

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    By the way: Could anybody tell me how to embed videos since the function is gone ?

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    honestly i heard quite a few beats over this and never really liked them but this one really captures the feeling of the track, job well done man its dope as fuck, you gotta send me an mp3 to this

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    Thanks for the comment. Below is the download link.

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    cheers for that man, feeling this beat the more i hear it, goes so well with the track, again great job man this'll be my song for the week

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    Thank you for the positive feedback. More remixes are coming soon!

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    Fucking Subbed!!!!!!!

    Brilliant Work Man

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