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Thread: Dalima Put you in my video....

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    Dalima Put you in my video....

    I think dalima is dope but this is ghetto as hell lolll

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    hahaha i kinda agree

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    dope song just way way way low budget video. I don't get the point of even making a video if the quality is gonna be that shitty

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    lol wow

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    What do you expect, the director is named "Dat Muthafucka Steve". What I don't understand is all of the fat, ugly video "vixens" you always see in underground rap videos. Like, do these dudes only meet sexy women once they make money? I mean, I'd say 75% of the girls I'm close to are sexier than any girl in that video.

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    looks like he went up to the first 5 girls he saw, regardless of what they looked like, and asked if he could "Put You In My Video". And looks like he put just as much effort into the rest of the video

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