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Thread: Txx Will request

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    Txx Will request

    i know we not meant to post music on here but i really can't find this shit anywhere so i was hoping someone on here could help out with a song request off Txx Will's new album

    Don't Stop (feat. Tech N9ne), much appreciated if anyone can send me a link to this or pm it me

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    same here

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    the whole album jus kinda came n went without much info or promo

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    record it??? what you mean by that?

    but cheers man hit me up whenever you get it

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    YESSS!!! thank you very fucking much that is greatly appreciated

    i got to hear a snippet of it before the album come out a few months back and soon as i heard the beat i been fiending to hear the whole track, tryna get it but couldn't find it nowhere on the net so todays a good day, props again for that man

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