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Thread: Strange Music 2013 Sampler

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    Strange Music 2013 Sampler

    Damn.....thats all I can say, I'm so much more stoked for all these projects now, especially Rittz, Wrek, and Stevie. What are all your guys' opinions?

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    That is pretty awesome!! I wonder if they will be handing out physical copies at the show? I remember years back they gave out a 2010 sampler at a show.

    I will listen to everything but Tech's shit. I want to be completely surprised when that cd comes out and want EVERY song I listen to to be brand new to me. I always spoil myself by listen to music vid's and leaks before the CD comes out.

    Also this is the first time tech has released an actual deluxe version of an album (retail exclusive's don't count) and I know we don't know what comes in the deluxe vs. the regular but IMO deluxe are MAJOR cash grabs. Deluxe these days just mean more songs. SO basically if you want the full album you gotta shell out another 5-10 bucks.

    It just seems like if we buy a CD we should get the full CD no MATTER WHATI remember when Tha Carter IV came out, mirrors was only on the deluxe version and that ended up becoming one of the top songs on Wayne's album so if you want the hits you gotta pay more, Deluxe should mean maybe a DVD on the making or a shirt, posters, stickers, differ art (which we do get with S.E.) etc... but not songs not included in the original.

    Maybe I am speaking too soon and we will have to see what Tech does with the deluxe. Will this become a new thing for strange? Deluxe and standard? Either way of course I'll get it just don't like the idea of having to pay more money for what should be on the full album no matter what edition it is.

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    I can't wait to hear the whole fortune forcefield song!! I feel really good about techs album after hearing some of his songs. Can' wait!!!

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