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Thread: Tech N9ne interview w/ Invasion Radio (reveals new feature)

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    Tech N9ne interview w/ Invasion Radio (reveals new feature)

    Pretty much just the regular All 6's and 7's information but at the end Tech says that Blind Fury is featured on the album. I don't really know much about him but I looked up one of his battles and he's blind and dope.

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    yeah hes dope!i seen his free battle videos! this my fav battle he did on 106 & park so far!

    plus he just released a mixtape

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    Wow he should of went all out and got an ozzy osborn for a feature

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    ya i heard some of his stuff, hes wack.

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    hes iiight

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    This interview was from last Nite @ 10pm on ??sirius satellite radio Tech called in I was shocked when I heard his voice it was crazy....

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    I liked his free battles, and I just listened to that Tech interview. Caught me off guard, I was like "I've heard that name before...". I'm curious to see what Fury can bring to a written track, ESPECIALLY with Tech.

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    Tech did this out of the goodness in his heart he hooking dude up on a feature on his album! Good looking Tech Humble bro you're a humble dude mad respect!

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    Yeah for sure, this is dope that Tech reached out and gave Blind Fury a feature spot on the album. I've seen BF come pretty hard, I'm sure it will be a dope song regardless.

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    Lotta stuff he said in this one made me laugh...

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