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Thread: The Carter IV Official Album Artwork

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    The Carter IV Official Album Artwork

    hope i don't get jumped for posting this on here ha. the only reason i am is cuz i was VERY surprised by it. not to sure about the cover weezy haha just sayin....

    heres the link

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    Just missing a rainbow

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    Senior Member Mr.Pound's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    this a joke?

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    thats what i thought right away but apparently not

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    Senior Member hawkeyeguy's Avatar
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    Guess they wanted the cover to go with the quality of music lol

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    Its not that bad. Kinda goes along with the last one. I mean let's cut him some slack guys. He's no tech n9ne

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    I like wayne and all but....cmon mang

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    this is the second album cover with him as a little kid, y would you do that twice. and it looks like hes prolly starin at a big fat cock.

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