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Thread: Most complete list of Tech's albums to my knowledge

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    Most complete list of Tech's albums to my knowledge

    So I have been trying to get a complete list of all of Tech's stuff. From searching the internet and my own knowledge, this is what I have come up withInput is encouraged The Calm Before The Storm

    The Worst - 2k Edition

    Anghellic - Reparation

    Absolute Power - More Power

    Everready (The Religion) - Strange Music Library

    Misery Loves Kompany

    Killer - Disc 2

    The Gates Mixed Plate

    Sickology 101

    K.O.D - Lost Scripts of K.O.D

    Welcome to Strangeland

    All 6's and 7's

    Strictly Strange 08'

    Strange Days: 10 Years Of Excellence




    Boiling Point

    Bad Season If you find anything missing or wrong with the list, let me know!Also, I haven't been able to find a decent discography torrent because most of them are missing some albums.

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    Looks complete to me. Just a little out of order. Don't know if that is what you were going for though. Wuestion to you though: where can I find the strictly strange 08' and the strange days CD's? I only found downloads online.

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    Also if you love the artist don't torrent man just buy the albums.

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    Your also missing Celcius I just realized.

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    He has the most detailed collection I've ever seen and put a lot of work into it. Just reference that. He updates it as stuff comes out so you know its 99.99 % accurate haha

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    and the First Anghellic from JCOR but a solid list

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