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Thread: Seriously Interesting Contest - Krizz Kaliko S.I.C. EP Contest

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    Seriously Interesting Contest - Krizz Kaliko S.I.C. EP Contest

    Seriously Interesting Contest - Krizz Kaliko S.I.C. EP Contest
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    On May 17th, Strange Music will release the latest EP, S.I.C., from our resident Genius, Krizz Kaliko. Here's your opportunity to win an incredible prize pack from Kali Baby himself! Send us your best guess as to what S.I.C. stands for and you could win:

    · A ticket to the show and a VIP Meet &amp; Greet at the All 6's And 7's tour stop in your city

    · Dinner with Krizz Kaliko on the day of the show

    · And you'll get to stop by the merchandise booth and pick up one of every piece of Kaliko merch available in your size!

    Contest will start on 4/18/11 and end on 5/3/11. So send your best guess to - let us know what you think S.I.C. stands for - don't miss your chance for a one-of-a-kind experience with Krizz Kaliko and Strange Music.

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    Oh god K.O.D. part 2 let the guessing begin...

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    lol not this again. Hopefully it wont be like K.O.D., where there were a million threads saying "OMFG IT DOESNT STAND FOR KING OF DARKNESS" and then low and behold, thats what it turned out to be. And since soooo many people guessed right, they had to pick a name out of a hat or something. This will probably be harder to guess. Definitely some cool prizes for the winner.

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    shitting inside cunt................... whooooo ........... toooooo much

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    Seriously Insane Collabos, Sickness Is Critical, Shit Is Cancer

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    stuck in canada

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    *Subject Is ified*

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    So how do you know if you won?

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    Sam's In Charge

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    sometimes i cry

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