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Thread: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony iz not splittin...Flesh, Layzie, and Bizzy

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    Bone Thugs-N-Harmony iz not splittin...Flesh, Layzie, and Bizzy

    Wish and Krazy iz out tho..New Album from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in 2012 called

    '' Majority Rules ''.. shit they dont need Krayzie or Wish

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    Krayzie Bone was the most talented of Bone Thugs hands down he was the Harmony in thier music.

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    you might as call the cd Flesh,Bizzy & Layzie Bone! Not Bone thugs n harmony and Flesh N Bone's Blaze of Glory comes out in June!

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    They can do without wish I guess.. But it won't even be close to bones best without krazy

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    Its bone brothers now, flesh is now a part of bone brothers.

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    yea i think i remember bizzy saying something about flesh in the bone brothers

    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Houchin
    Its bone brothers now, flesh is now a part of bone brothers.

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    If you've been keeping up with the drama then you'd see how crazy shit is getting right now. Drama drama drama....

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    ^bri is gay
    but seriously btnh needs to get there shit together...its sorta embarrassing when they air our dirty laundry like this

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    Krayzie & Wish Bone say they wanted to leave for solo careers and work with their artists under The Life Ent. Wish Bone is the only member that hasn't dropped a solo project and he has had since Bizzy Bone dropped Heaven's Movie a year after The Art Of War so that was Aug 97 the TAOW came out so yep WIsh has had since 98 to drop a cd and hasn't. Krayzie has had a few solo projects but nothing he has released to date compares to Thug Mentality 1999 which I hate to say is KB's best body of work as a solo artists! Yes the Uni5 project was somewhat stupid but thats what happens when you let your management team and distribution label pick the songs for the cd and not releasing songs such as Determination, Gangsta Glory (which was given away as a free download), Murder On You, Speed Of Sound amongst other songs that should have been on the album could've picked a better title maybe who knows but that is where all this drama started and if your label fails to promote you whether it be video radio or concert, then you being one of very few acts and legends in the hip hop community from the 90's that still can sale music well you need to do it yourself and not blame each other i.e., them bickering over money or Warner Bros for not doing their job. This wouldn't have happened if they would have signed with Dr. Dre and Aftermath which there were talks between the group and Dre/Interscope when they were released from the Ruthless Records contract in 2001/2002! Travis and Tech should definitely sign the last 3 members Layzie,Bizzy & Flesh to Strange could be their biggest signing yet aside from Brotha Lynch and any other future signings they do!

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